Friday, December 26, 2008

My Sweet Grandmother.. .. ..

Last Sunday, papa and mama went to visit my grandmother and grandfather at Klang. Long journey but I’m having my ‘meal’ all along the way so I’m felt so well. Papa told that we are going to visit papa’s mom and dad, well my grandpa and grandma. So, the moment arrived, I’m felt asleep, as usual of me.

My grandma scolded papa for bringing mama, well mama still not feeling well. Papa said, it’s ok, just want to bring me to see my grandma and grandpa. So thoughtful of papa, right? You know what, that time grandma was painting the house grill, the moment grandma saw me, she stopped, quickly hold me, hug me, kiss me, and I’m felt so warm and so in love inside grandma’s arm.

Grandma said I’m a kind baby, not giving a hassle. He he he, but then, mama told I’m only being nice when not hungry. Alaaaa, there’s go my cover! I did give a smile to grandma after mama said that.

Then, my grandpa too wants to have me in his arm. I never thought grandpa’s hands so rough but what a sweet smile grandpa have, just like my papa.

Not for long, we had to go back, as my other grandma told, can’t go back at late evening. Hmmm, I’m so sad had to go but papa told we will visit them again, soon. Few days later, grandma called, grandma wants papa to bring me back to Klang to see her, well grandma missed me a lot and I miss her too.

Wait grandma!!!!, I’ll be coming there to cheer you!!

Snoogums Boogums!

Inas @ My Own House

One day, papa and mama took me for a ride. Well, you want to know something about me, he he he, I like sightseeing but I easily fall asleep. As usual, I fell asleep inside the car. The moment I realized, me inside one strange house, mama told me welcome to your house. But part myself still in wonderland until mama placed me on the pillow. Strange smell, no noise not as at my grandma’s house made me felt uncomfortable.

But not for long, papa took me for a walk again in one big supermarket. So many peoples, so cool made me want to have a nap again and I did. Hmmmm, mama can’t walk for long period; mama will feel pain and grandma not allowed me to go back at late evening.

Later, I arrived at grandma house, then I startedLAH to make noise, well you know, I’m hungry.. .. ..

Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm 1 Month Old Now... .. ..

At 19th Dec. 2008, I’m 1 month old. My parent so happy with me, I’m grew taller now from the day one. My new born clothes became well suit with me. Soon my parent has to buy new cloth for me.

Apart from there, my parent felt so thrilled of me.. .. Well, they wore me nice cloth and took many pictures of me. I did pose on few shots but after that, nature called. I’m hungry and need my mama. He he he !!

Snoogums.. Boogums!

I'm Missed My Papa

Today, as at 22nd Dec. 2008, papa went to work. At early morning papa went out and left me sleeping with grandma. Well, papa did kiss me before papa took off. Papa told me not to be grumpy when papa is not around.

I took papa's advice but not for long, well normally papa will play around with me, hug me, and give me a tour outside nanny's house. But today, papa didn't do that. I thought papa will be back shortly but mama said papa'll be back at night time after papa's TKD class finished.

So, I got grumpier after that. I still cried even mama tried to cool me down, I am still miss my papa. Hmmm.. .. .. When you'll be back papa? I'm feeling so blue.. .. .. ..

Snoogums.. Boogums!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Salam to everyone.. .. ..

Dear lovely visitors,

Inas just uploaded this blog and this blog will story of my life, the moment I am born, my parent's expression of my presence and so on and so.

Can't eagerly wait to share my experience with all of you.

Well, enjoy then.

Snoogums Boogums!!